Industrial Construction

NIRCA’s engineering services in the field of design and construction of buildings in industrial places

Lighting System

Considering the importance of appropriate lighting for different places in addition to the necessity of optimum consumption of electrical energy, NIRCA uses up-to-date software of design and calculation of lighting systems which enable it to design lighting networks and ,successively.

Industrial Automation

Considering industries’ growing need for quality improvement of products as well as the increase of production, NIRCA is well equipped to provide industries and factories services.

Distribution Substation

NIRCA, relying on its technical knowledge and engineers’ experience, is geared up to offer various services in the field of distribution of electrical energy .

High Voltage Substation

It is inevitable to use transmission stations and high-voltage substations in order to meet customers’ requirements. NIRCA, enjoying up-to-date technical knowledge and highly qualified engineers, is geared up to offer such services as including preliminary design ,analytical studies on substation and network ,studies on transient and steady states ,detail design of electrical and structural equipment preparation of technical documents ,through preparation of tender documents ,supervision on factory test ,construction work and operation basis.

Transmission Lines

Over head and Under ground transmission lines are used to transmit electrical energy from power plants to distribution substations.


  • Development Departmant

    Because employers need to continually improve productivity , Technical Development of personnel an decrease operation cost , NIRCA by use valuable reserve of the organization knowledge required for the employers , with design and render practical programs and training can Improve employers human force ability . the training fall in different area of engineering systemic , control and management science , engineering softwares , design and supervision on various areas of repair , operation and maintenance , etc.

  • Contract Department

    The projects department has dynamic role in executive of projects in close collaboration with the engineering, commercial and project control departments from one side and with clients and consultants from the other side. This department employing Well-educated and experienced engineers and forming project teams with an outstanding background in design, construction, erection, commissioning and after-sale services, this department makes its outmost efforts to achieve customer satisfaction. - Technical and financial evaluation manufacturer proposal Contract consulting for employers in different engineering branches , implementation , purchase and financing

  • Technical Department

    The department includes Electricity, Control and Automation, Instrumentation, Installation, Mechanics, civil sections. The main activities of this department are as follows: ▪Feasibility studies ▪Preliminary economic studies ▪Preparation of preliminary features and basic design ▪Detail design; study and control of design in relation to: ▪ Electrical and mechanical executive plans ▪Plans and circuits of protection, controlling and industrial automation systems ▪Plans of lighting systems ▪Preparation of documents and technical specification of equipment required for projects ▪Preparation of documents and building plans required to be executed in order to construct factories’ sites ▪Preparation of documents required for utilization, maintenance and repair of industrial machines

  • Supervision Department

    Nirca as the employer’s trusted company , supervises on performance of construction in order to ensure quality of engineering an construction services , construction costs , delivery time , compliance with environmental , safety and health issue the supervision includes control of designs carried out by contractors and other consultants as well as control of construction work in sites by experienced supervisors in different work fronts and different stages of operation and supervision on manufacture an test of equipment in local and foreign factories . Supervision on construction is carried out through approved and standardized documentations based on year of experience in engineering and construction work.

About us

A number of highly qualified engineers in various branches of electricity, civil, mechanics and industry constituted NIRCA group which was formally established in 2005. NIRCA has provided its clients with certain services including: project management, design, consultation, supervision and commissioning in various projects. Furthermore, NIRCA is experienced enough in design and operation of electrical, mechanical and civil projects.

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